upon the briny face of Neptune’s profusion
shell on shell, a scutes maze coiling instinctively.
onto a barren shoreline, laden inside with
a hundred progeny in hardened white shells.
this silent rookery of ping-pong sized eggs
to cook obscurely in the white sands, until each
unseen, life that begins in the night in the sand
with fervid digging, struggles to surface, then
back to the Neptunian depths alone where
reptiles are now few and increasingly rare.
during these lost years from hatchling to adult
adrift on beds of Sargassum weed, sea grasses.
on eel grass and algae, crustaceans and fish;
hidden in coral: a pacifist’s diet.
to the bottomless depths, where myths still take form
then surfaces and breathes, then quickly returns.
warm global waters along trafficked routes
where the colossal whales and whalers collided.
ceaseless environmental degradation; lives
a fifty-year life span, then beyond extinction.

*Honu is the Hawaiian word for the green sea Turtle (Chelonia mydas)

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