March haikus

08 March 2013

Folded azalea buds
aloof; awaiting their cue.
The entrée to Spring.


07 March 2013

Midday’s boundless sky
unfettered by clouds, affirms
harmonious vitality below.


06 March 2013

greedily pull
up emerging worms
from mounds raised by


05 March 2013

In between the rain
drops of light reflect upon
glistening glass panes.


04 March 2013

cleaned internally
promote carefree sunshine;
keep positive view in


03 March 2013

Songs nest under wing,
sweet sparrows stirring in trees;
daybreak melody.


02 March 2013

down Chickadee
clutches the feeder
and, gravity be damned,


01 March 2013

Fog unfurling
around the street lamp.


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