In Passing…

A two column obit with a full color pic
showing her in younger, healthier days,
long curled folds of auburn hair
swept off an attractive face,
bearing a  half-smile;
wearing long beaded earrings
that seemed to belong to another era…
and now do.

I did not know she’d pass only a week ago;
assumed she would survive,
assumed she’d continue wearing
her pink ribbon.
But cancer extinguished
the bright light of her life.
Only two years older than I.
This is all starting to feel too close.

We were neighbors, never friends,
but we were friendly enough,
although she always seemed preoccupied
as though she was running late,
had other more important things to do
than stand and small talk with a neighbor.

She moved away a few years ago,
to live farther inland, away from the coast.
The fog depressed her, she said,
and the northern wind rattled her nerves.
It was too cold too.

She sold real estate in the area;
did very well during those bubble-boom years,
then fell ill about the same time
our national economy bottomed out.
Of course, that’s just a coincidence.

I read she wanted to become a model,
had moved to Portland after high school
to pursue that dream.
When she returned wasn’t stated but we know
she came back home, raised a family of her own,
had five kids, drove a  maroon Hummer…
and of importance to me,
she owned an old dog named Lucy,
and many orange tabby cats.

The obituary stated she loved life, 
loved her large family,
her many friends
and her neighbors,
but most of all she loved
The Lord Jesus Christ…
A celebration of her life will be held
later this weekend.

I would like to attend, to honor her,
to pay respect to her life
and the fleeting, seemingly inconsequential
time wherein I knew her. But alas,
prearranged commitments with other things,
may prevent my attendance.

Somehow, I think she’d understand
and not give it much thought.



About P C Niles

Living along the rural and majestic coast of southern Oregon, P C Niles has found her forever home. She shares this home with her husband, Stephen, numerous cats and a dog, and an assortment of visiting wildlife. Pursuits include writing, meditating, reading, yoga, gardening, cooking, photography, and beach walking. Graced by serendipity daily.
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