Fragile Trust

fragile vase
recklessly smashed into
pieces that refuse glue.

Trust is like a fragile porcelain vase.  Slowly, in relationships, it fills with acts and words of love and caring, and with shared experiences, companionship.  A day may come, inevitably perhaps, where harsh words get hurled and fine cracks form along that fragile vase.   Still, it holds.   If those harsh words subside and are not repeated, the glue of forgiveness solidifies the crack; understanding (of human flaws) fortifies the vase once again.  If that behavior persists, however, more will form as reckless words are continually tossed at the vase, chipping away at it.  Some will cause the trust within to seep out, lessening the overall volume.  If the day comes when an act, deemed disloyal, occurs, the entire vase may break.  Depending upon the act involved, and the perceived intention behind it, the vase may break into a few large pieces that may be mended, like a jigsaw puzzle, if the will is there, and love for that person is strong enough.  The vase, while no longer perfect, will continue to exist in a now flawed condition, and may over time be cherished even more so because of its victories and endurance.  Otherwise, it may shatter into a thousand pieces, and thus be destroyed.  The relationship ends.

This thought came to mind recently in reaction to what I considered a betrayal of trust by someone I care about, who I trusted enough to confide in and whose actions later seemed to demean that confidence.  The event appears not to have risen to the level of completely shattering the vase of trust but it certainly caused a crack to form and the volume within has decreased.


About P C Niles

Living along the rural and majestic coast of southern Oregon, P C Niles has found her forever home. She shares this home with her husband, Stephen, numerous cats and a dog, and an assortment of visiting wildlife. Pursuits include writing, meditating, reading, yoga, gardening, cooking, photography, and beach walking. Graced by serendipity daily.
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